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The rapid and accelerating pace of change produces stress for businesses and individuals alike. The price of all this stress is decreased effectiveness and efficiency, and increased cost and risk. This is true for businesses and individuals.

People and businesses want to think they can handle the stress but research shows otherwise.

The price for business is:

  • Decision avoidance
  • Poor decisions
  • Increased costs

For individuals, the price is:

  • Problem avoidance
  • Poor decisions
  • Declining health
  • Missed deadlines or lower quality performance at work
  • Higher absenteeism

BeneTechs offers a selection of services proven to help businesses and individuals address the causes of the stress. Select the area of interest to you for more information about the services we offer:

For business: For businesses, choosing the right benefits requires a careful balance of cost versus value. BeneTechs offers a broad set of options that help business protect against risks and offer programs that enhance the user experience, provide meaningful benefits to employees, reduce lost time, improve retention rates and create new opportunities.

For Individuals: Individuals benefit by getting the services they need at attractive rates. The most meaningful value is providing essential help to people. BeneTechs programs focus on the key lesson – People facing stressful problems embrace one-on-one assistance. The relationship is empowering due to unlimited personal advocate access with no time constraints. Competitors argue that our service philosophy is “old-school.” We have found that combining traditional personal assistance with modern, problem-solving technologies yields customer benefits from extraordinary efficiencies and peerless effectiveness.